Ship Mom GAMER Sound FX pack

Bordeaux Black - VA
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[Swipe right to hear a sampler!]

Ever wanted to mod your favourite Lieutenant into your schmup? Or load her like Alexa to your deluxe racing vehicle? (Hear a few recognizable pop culture references... ?) Wait no more! As commissioned by two wonderful Gamers, now all can enjoy 15 unique (16 total) .wav files to patch into your game of choice!

*This is a derivative Bordeaux Black work, and NOT an official Studio FOW release. SFX and voice work is my own.

Bor-demi fanart by the fantastic @heartberrie !

You will receive 16 high quality brief .wavs in a zip folder that can be patched in wherever you like them! + The full, Gorgeous fanart from Heartberrie, the sampler video and sound file, and a previously unheard blooper from your heavily modded AI waifu. <3

Pay what you feel the work is worth! Base $10. Ample cursing, but is SFW.


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Ship Mom GAMER Sound FX pack

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