Mindbreak for the Mistress

Bordeaux Black - VA
11 ratings

Feel free to pay what you feel the audio is worth! Grazie. <3 Swipe right for trailer!

The Lady hears about your massive cock and takes you back to her manor... only to discover that she can't handle you at all and comes so many times she loses her mind.
~~Warning: EXTREMELY smutty content. Bordeaux's smuttiest yet!~~ Three files exclusive to Gumroad: a 5:13 audio drama of breaking the Vampire Mistress herself, a 1:08 sound file of extreme submission and orgasm post orgasm, and a kinky 1:16 bonus file of using your overstimulated slut far past her limits.

All with FULL graphic Smutty audio sound effects!

{Shaking, drooling orgasms, vibrator + cock. Haughty Mistress starving for your monster cock, cock tease, passionate starvation, ahegao, tsundere/sureness she can handle it, soaking pussy, Instant loss. Pain/pleasure, extreme submission, attempted monster taming, multiple overwhelmed female orgasms, sexual madness, breeding, mindbreak, excessive cuming and fluids, creampie, infatuation with listener, orgasm torture, overstimulation, vibrators, extremely consensual complete sexual defeat & sex slave transformation, kisses. Brief "Daddy" content, consensual post-blackout use.

Voicework, Sound FX: Bordeaux Black 3 Total Sound Files

Art: Gamir_SFM 5:13, 1:08, 1:16

[you will receive]
-3 Sound Files: 5:13 Audio Drama, 1:08 post coital vibrator, 1:16 Daddy, Use me
-The teaser audio
-High res large cover art
-trailer vid


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Mindbreak for the Mistress

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