Lolth's Slave

Bordeaux Black - VA
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Feel free to pay what you feel the audio is worth! Danke. <3 Swipe right for trailer!

You've bound the Dark Goddess Lolth into a mortal elvish form, and have her before you tied up in ropes... but don't think for a SECOND she doesn't have complete control of the situation. Ready for her to turn the tables on you, and MAKE you serve her the way SHE likes it... ?

Written by @Hardin20Vincent
Voicework: Bordeaux Black
Sound editing & design: Henry Black. @MHenryBlack
Art: @Bulgemeister

All with FULLY graphic, Smutty audio sound effects! 8:30 of eyes-in-her-skull bliss.

(Content: Drow, dark goddess, mild trash talk, demanding female topping from the bottom, woman in control, bondage, light femdom, huge cock, multiple cocks/multiple penetration, breast worship, cowgirl, choking, oral, multiple orgasms, clitoral massage, mindless overstuffed fucking, bukkake, cock worship, rimming, full nelson, copious cum all the way through/swallowing-coughing up come, sinister dommy mommy-ness)

4 Total Files

[you will receive]
-The full 8:30 smutty audio drama
-The teaser vid
-The cover art without markup, by Bulgemeister! And the promo art


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Lolth's Slave

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