Cut Burglars: Julia and Chloe

Bordeaux Black - VA
3 ratings

Feel free to pay what you feel the audio is worth! Thank you. <3 Swipe right for trailer!

Julie and Chloe are always getting up to averous adeventures... but Chloe's euphoria breath is here to smooth things over. And maybe Julie's in for a little more than her kitty-girl body can take....

Written by @MrDemoVE
Voicework: Bordeaux Black, Cottontail
Sound editing, design, vid, graphics: Bordeaux Black
Art: @Bakuhakudraws

All with FULLY graphic, Smutty audio sound effects! 7:40 of feral pounding, futa-on-femme bliss.

(Content: Futa on female, makeouts, substance euphoria/drug high/intoxication, repressed feelings, Good Girls take it up the ass, blowjob, anal, catgirls, dragon girls, Dom on Sub, horny slutiness, light degradation (slut talk), praise kink, juicy plaps, creampie, gentle aftercare, copious "Good Girl"s)

You will receive:
A FULL 7:40 audio drama
The original art
The trailer art & vid


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Cut Burglars: Julia and Chloe

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